The Archer Releases New ‘All I Want’ EP

the archer all i want

Rising producer and multi-talented creative The Archer is back with a two track EP, ‘All I Want’, including the original and an additional remix by Parisian producer Ron Costa.

Releasing on The Archer’s very own There Is A Light Records on August 19th, the ‘All I Want’ EP continues The Archer’s strong calendar year of releases, solidifying his claim as a household name in house music.

“sometimes you just need to not think too much, let loose and just dance. “All I Want” is all about that and a bag of sunshine. .” – The Archer

From deep house to disco to techno, The Archer has consistently demonstrated his mastery of various genres of electronic music over the past few years.

The original rendition of “All I Want” is The Archer at his uninhibited best, featuring an addictive drumline and intoxicating vocal that has become a staple of his in recent productions. With a minimalistic, yet colorful approach, The Archer paints his creative canvas with a multitude of instruments and effects.

The track is additionally accompanied by a darker, more aggressive version by Ron Costa, crafting a more underground take of The Archer’s lustrous original. While showing similarity to the original with hypnotic drum loops, the Paris DJ adds his own sonic spice with a techno touch. While both tracks deliver the beauty of modern house music, the two artists show clear cut contracts in style and mood in their newest creative undertakings.

Since his 2021 debut with his breakout EP Lonely Dream, producer, DJ, and label-owner The Archer has made a lasting impact on LA’s techno and club scene. Blurring the lines between disco, deep house, and techno, The Archer is a dancefloor maestro with a penchant for honoring the sounds of the past while trailblazing a path for the future of electronic music.

In just over a year, The Archer has amassed over 48,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone – a testament to his studio recording finesse. A sophisticated party-starter both in the studio and on stage, The Archer has performed at festivals like EDC Las Vegas, and venues like Academy LA, Zouk Las Vegas, Ayu Day Club Las Vegas, Spin Nightclub, and many more.

A digital soundbender and A&R aficionado to boot, The Archer’s newly-founded label There Is A Light Records is dedicated to providing premiere house and techno cuts to the global dance music circuit. With dozens of releases spanning the label’s repertoire from artists like Matt Sassari, Ron Costa, Burko, Latroit, The Sponges, The Archer himself, and many more, There Is A Light is shaping up to be a weapon of the underground. With more luxurious music on the horizon including his forthcoming debut on Octopus Recordings, The Archer continues to transcend through melody, rhythm, art, and curation.

Growing up in Paris, Ron Costa has developed a sound that breathes the atmosphere of a big capital city. Having spent several years in the studio, he has paid his dues and firmly established himself as one of the finest French producers and DJs around.

Since 2007, he has also been running his own successful imprint Potobolo Records, which is the embodiment of Ron’s present day electronic music taste and sensibility.He released numerous tracks which enjoyed widespread support from both DJ and producer peers in the industry.

This resounding track success has enabled Ron to tour the globe extensively, spreading his unique sound to thousands of enthusiasts. Though the public have come to know him for a softer, more tech house orientated sound, in recent times Ron’s sound has evolved and signified a return to his roots: techno. Over the course of this journey, however, one thing has remained. Ron never once lost touch with what makes him the musician that he is.


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