DJ Snake Produces “Action” On New Black Eyed Peas Album

the black eyed peas translation songs - action produced by dj snake

The Black Eyed Peas just dropped their eighth studio album “Translation” via Epic Records.

Following up on their last LP which came back in 2018, this album as well sees a number of big names from the Latin music community.

The production credits on the album include J Balvin, Shakira, Tyga, and more. Another credit hiding in there was to an unexpected collaborator, Grammy-nominated producer, DJ Snake. “ACTION” features Snake’s signature production style with moombahton vibes and a snarly bass line.

A number of tracks on the album feature samples from various tracks. While “Ritmo” samples the classic “Rhythm Of The Night”, “Vida Loca” with Nicky Jan and Tyga samples Rick James’ “Super Freak,” told Billboard, “We wanted to treat the album like a playlist more than an album. Curating a playlist, every song has to be the jam. Yes, you have to do new music, but you want to do charting music, and you want to throw other songs that complement [each other] so the listener enjoys it. Everything is a continuous set.”

Further in the interview, they discuss how Translation feels more like a comeback album and also discuss the heavy influence of Latin music stars it has on it, making it kind of bilingual for most purposes. responds to that saying, “ Between 2003 and 2011, Black Eyed Peas were bigger in Latin America and Spain than we were in America. What’s awesome about the Latin community that I wish the rest of the world adopts it, you guys play any song that’s a good song. Not only are we inspired by this new group of talented icons, but we also wanted to say thank you to all the folks in the Latin world who have accepted, played our music, and given us a career.”

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