The Pegboard Nerds & Tokyo Machine Electrify With Latest Single “MOSHI”

Tokyo Machine Moshi With Pegboard Nerds

The Pegboard Nerds and Tokyo Machine unleash the bass with their latest track “MOSHI”.

This track perfectly highlights Toyko Machine’s flare with his gaming influenced leading melody and the Pegboard Nerds powerful drops. Both artists will be taking the stage at Monstercat’s 8th Year Anniversary Show held in Sansar on July 12th. We can’t wait to hear this hit Friday!

About Pegboard Nerds

The Pegboard Nerds are comprised of Scandinavian producers Alex Odden and Michael Parsberg. The unlikely duo formed when multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning Parsberg joined forces with Odden, the kingpin of the Demoscene in the Norwegian underground. Since then, the Monstercat-bred pair have been commissioned to remix legends such as Above & Beyond, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren and more. As a client of TH3RD BRAIN, the management team behind the global electropunk sensation, Krewella, Alex and Michael have been on a blazing trail through the electronic music scene. And as one of the most highly touted names on Monstercat, a label that has progressively become one of the most respected names in dance music, the Pegboard Nerds continue to build their #NerdNation into an international army.

About Tokyo Machine

Nostalgia, whether it be the cradling comfort or the quick spike of lost emotion, it’s a whirlwind second of life that comes and goes on its own agenda. In today’s culture, nearly every generation has been impacted by video games in one way or another. From the humble beginnings of arcade gaming to the golden age of blockbuster franchises, video games have become deeply ingrained in our culture.

Tokyo Machine has emerged a metaphorical avatar, disconnected from a persona that would otherwise influence your experience. Instead, he’s here to join you, on whatever your mission may be. He wants to relish in the feeling of being a young gamer, free from responsibility and chores, and introduce you to his favourite imaginary monsters.

While some might view gaming as a means of escape, its real purpose is to enable people to explore a reality they could create and enjoy on their own terms. Sometimes you join in someone else’s world and explore your differences and sometimes your build your own sanctuary and experience solitude.

So who is Tokyo Machine? The better question being, who isn’t Tokyo Machine? This mystery moniker has embraced our common youthful sentiments; combining Japanese culture, old school video games, and a modern splash of bass music to create something we can all relate to.


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