The Prototypes x Bassrush Records Present: ‘Interaction’

the prototypes interaction

Brighton-based drum and bass duo The Prototypes team up with Bassrush Records to release the 14-track ‘Interaction’ compilation, featuring Slippy, Rebel Scum, Audioscribe, Subshock & Evangelos and more.

Interaction is the first of its kind in terms of release format – marking the first time Bassrush has collaborated with an artist for the release of a compilation, and the first full-length project The Prototypes have released since October 2020.

“Being given a chance to fly the flag for Bassrush and state-side drum and bass is a huge honour for us. We tried to create the freshest snapshot of dance floor drum & bass at the moment and we hope you enjoy the ride.” -The Prototypes

Although the compilation is predominantly jump-up, ‘Interaction’ features drill n’ bass, as well as more lyrical sounds.

Having just recently dropped REAPER’s debut DISRUPTOR LP, Bassrush is keeping the momentum of drum & bass alive and well in the states. The label hopes that this partnership with established UK duo The Prototypes will continue to breathe life into drum & bass as it evolves in American spheres.

The title track “Interaction” from The Prototypes sets the all gas, no brakes tone for the rest of the compilation, offering a dramatic introduction and a heavy-hitting bassline that begs to be rinsed on festival stages. Rounding out the compilation is their DNB edit of the track, offering fans a different listening experience of the original.

“‘Interaction’ started off as a last minute track for our album Ten Thousand Feet and Rising but it wasn’t ready in time to go on. After much tweaking it’s tested and ready, we couldn’t be happier with the result and the support we’ve had from it so far.” -The Prototypes

Dux N Bass’ “Don’t Give Up On Me” offers classic jump-up undertones, and the Germany-based artist recently announced he will be releasing his very own EP on Bassrush Records within the coming months.

Previously featured on Space Yacht’s Critical Mass Vol. 1 compilation in September of last year, Slippy, Audioscribe and Rebel Scum are pioneers of the drum & bass movement in the states.

Releasing the best in bass music, Bassrush Records has been crushing sound systems since 2002. Under the expansive umbrella of genre-shaping imprints, Insomniac Music Group has also established itself as a one-stop destination for music distribution, publishing house services, label management resources and more. With its ever-evolving roster and comprehensive business focus, Insomniac Music Group is the leading all-in-one dance music platform.

No half measures, no shortcuts, full commitment to the vision – it’s what Nick White and Chris Garvey of The Prototypes stand for. It’s what they sound like, how they write, how they perform. It captures everything you need to know about the Brighton duo – from their earliest roots as young DJs both putting on nights on the south coast when they met on Pirate Radio in the mid-2000s to the moment they formed officially as The Prototypes in 2010, signing their first record, the evergreen anthem “Cascade,” to J Majik’s Infrared Records.


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