Timmy Trumpet & ANGEMI – Collab Bro


Timmy Trumpet and Angemi joined special forces to throw several genres into one banging tune. It starts with a mad build up and explodes into a mighty drop. The very subtle hidden trap breaks and hi-hats are a small taste of what is yet to come. These bro’s will surprise you with a BPM change halfway which is crazy! Every part of the track has a different taste, but they sure know how to bring the right flavor. ‘Collab Bro’ out now on Maxximize Records.

Grab it here.

Timmy Trumpet and Angemi are both multi talented when it comes down to music. The Australian DJ and producer Timmy Trumpet put himself on the dance map with his trumpet skills, while the Italian Angemi can add singer and pianist to his list of musical skills.

Timmy Trumpet made a mark with his name in the dance scene when he was playing live trumpet solos during DJ sets in Ibiza. He supported and played alongside artists like Carl Cox, Dizzee Rascal, Fatboy Slim and Armin van Buuren. Over the years he has transformed himself from acclaimed jazz musician into a multi-Platinum selling artist, ranked Australia’s #1 DJ (ITM Awards 2015-16), averaging 10 flights a week, and juggling over 200 shows per year including major clubs and festivals around the world.

Angemi’s profile as a DJ, singer, pianist and highly skilled producer came alive back in 2007 when he was only 11 years of age, making him a stand out with headlining DJs and labels around the world. Supported by pioneers of the dance industry and climbing the ranks with a talent that has inspired many DJs who noted how incredible his skills are leading to being a ‘well-versed producer’, Angemi has for sure made a mark.

Now the two multi talents bundle their skills resulting into their new track ‘Collab Bro’.

“Collab Bro was born back in October, right after ADE. I just came back from Amsterdam and I received a call from Timmy Trumpet himself. We started building a solid friendship that has led to the creation of ‘Collab Bro’.”, explains Angemi. “It has been a great honour to work on this track with a guy that has always been a great inspiration to me!”. Timmy Trumpet continues: “We wanted to write a track that clashed classic EDM with old school jazz and Angemi’s signature sound really brought the trumpets to life. This has been a passion project of ours and I’m stoked to finally unleash it on the world.”.


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