TLZMN – The Hood EP


Newcomer TLZMN certifies his undeniable flair for the darker end of the electronic spectrum with his debut EP The Hood.

With no face to the sound – just an immersive musicality and a listening experience that demands your full attention – the mysterious producer stays true to his unique take on the experimental bass genre.

Having been plucked from obscurity by WAKAAN label boss Liquid Stranger, TLZMN is poised to amass a steady following from here on out. Bass fans are continuously drawn to the spellbinding appeal of WAKAAN’s unique selections – and boy is TLZMN ready to spoil them.

The Hood EP is diamond-plated proof of TLZMN’s affirmed talent and creativity; bursting with chest-rattling sub bass and syncopated percussion that pops in your ears. From intro track Storm to The Hood, Silo, Phantom and Viper, TLZMN rolls from one track to the next with an almost effortless – yet hard-hitting – appeal that’s so rare in such newly established artists.

TLZMN’s The Hood EP will keep you grooving through the murky twist and turns of the underground, no matter how creepy it gets. OUT NOW via WAKAAN.


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