Tokyo Machine delivers “Cookies”

Tokyo machine

As one of the most exciting young acts on the Monstercat roster, Tokyo Machine continues his tour de force to the spotlight with his new single “Cookies”.

The signature 8-bit style balanced with a high octane feel provides us with the type of foot-on-the-gas energy we have come to expect from the mystery moniker. With a number of tour dates coming up for Tokyo Machine, we are sure Tokyo Machine will be serving up “Cookies” across North America.

About Tokyo Machine

Nostalgia, whether it be the cradling comfort or the quick spike of lost emotion, it’s a whirlwind second of life that comes and goes on its own agenda. In today’s culture, nearly every generation has been impacted by video games in one way or another. From the humble beginnings of arcade gaming to the golden age of blockbuster franchises, video games have become deeply engrained in our culture.

Tokyo Machine has emerged a metaphorical avatar, disconnected from a persona that would otherwise influence your experience. Instead, he’s here to join you, on whatever your mission may be. He wants to relish in the feeling of being a young gamer, free from responsibility and chores, and introduce you to his favourite imaginary monsters.

While some might view gaming as a means of escape, its real purpose is to enable people to explore a reality they could create and enjoy on their own terms. Sometimes you join in someone else’s world and explore your differences and sometimes your build your own sanctuary and experience solitude.

So who is Tokyo Machine? The better question being, who isn’t Tokyo Machine? This mystery moniker has embraced our common youthful sentiments; combining Japanese culture, old school video games, and a modern splash of bass music to create something we can all relate to.


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