Tony Romera Teams Up With Max Wassen For Rap-Flavored House Single “Party On My Own”

tony romera party on my own

French house aficionado Tony Romera returned today with the third single off his forthcoming debut album, ‘Introspection’.

Linking up with Canadian rapper Max Wassen, the two have delivered this year’s most relatable track, “Party On My Own.” A lyrical mixture of melancholia and euphoria, it’s a callback to the nights we all partied alone in our homes over the last year.

Tony’s effortless groove is the perfect counterpart to Max’s raw rap stylings, crafting an irresistibly catchy tune fit for your next kickback. Their wax poetics come to life in the music video featuring gluttonous scenes from a quarantine dream.

Tony Romera shares, “This track defines how we all felt a few months ago, combining nostalgia and melancholia with hope and happiness at the same time. When I started, I wanted to make something super experimental with some new production techniques I had just learned at the time. Then my friends Miller Miller showed me Max Wassen who was working with them on another project. I totally went nuts when he sent me his work on this song.”

Max Wassen adds, “If you think we’re making light of a horrible situation then you are 100%, incredibly, undeniably, sorta, kinda right. It’s not that we don’t have empathy for those affected by the pandemic, it’s that the news already makes everything seem like the world is ending so how ’bout a shred of fun during this shitty time, eh?”


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