Top four John Prine songs you can listen on the loop

john prine songs

John needs no introduction, does he? Since making his debut in 1971, the veteran has churned out countless chart-topping hits.

The tunes he creates hit all the right chords. After making youngsters groove in the US, the hitmaker popularity in other parts of the world as well. You can say that the audience was able to connect with the tunes created by him. There is definite warmth to John Prine’s music.

Overall these years, he has become one of the most celebrated icons in the world of country and folk music. His fans love the catchy lyrics he creates. Those who have followed him closely would be well aware of the fact that he is an absolute maestro when it comes to playing the guitar. He would be performing in London in February next year. Make sure you there at the venue to catch him live. Get your concert tickets booked using Tic Flip.

As stated earlier, he has created some chart-topping hits in his 5-decade-long career. Here’s a look back at some of his finest hits:


  • Please Don’t Bury Me

Only a man of the stature of John Prine can think of creating a song about a man’s final moments. Prine’s personality and style have always been quite laid back. This song throws light on Prine’s ability to create a song out of anything. The song was a part of an album named ‘Sweet Revenge, and became an evergreen-hit after its release in October 1973. Overall these years, the song has become a cult classic. Countless people in the American countryside can still be heard humming this song.


  • Illegal Smile

Here is another song that makes it to the list of Prine’s evergreen hits. ‘Illegal Smile’ created a lot of ripples after its release in 1971. It is a part of Prince’s debut album titled ‘John Prine’. This song was one of his biggest hits and became an instant hit with the youngsters. College goers and youngsters simply loved the song. Can you guess why? They loved it because the song was about drugs. 


  • Grandpa was a Carpenter

This song was also a part of ‘Sweet Revenge’, the chart-topping album released in 1973. The song is described as a ‘sentimental melody wherein’ John is remembering his grandpa (grandfather). Countless traces of nostalgia, love and melancholy end up ‘ornamenting’ the song. If you are missing your granddad, then this song will definitely make you drop a teardrop or two.


  • Speed of the Sound of Loneliness

This song is for all those who grew up during the second half of the 1980s. It was released in 1986 as part of Prine’s album, “German Afternoons”. The song’s popularity went up by leaps and bounds after it was released as a duet by Prine and Nanci Griffith, an American singer, in 1993. Even to this day, a lot of budding artists can be seen uploading cover versions of this song on YouTube. If you happen to be a die-hard fan of John Prine, then this song needs to be there in your playlist. 

There is a lot more to this concert than just soulful music. You will get to experience the best of John Prine while sitting alongside countless like-minded music maniacs and enthusiasts. If you are a guy/girl who grew up during the 1970s, then you’d be well aware of John Prine’s popularity. This concert offers you a chance to relive the good old country days.

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