Township Rebellion Unveils New Single, ‘Signal’

township rebellion signal

Township Rebellion delivers their label debut for Factory 93 Records with their latest transmission taking the shape of the ominous, chill-inducing techno driver “Signal.”

Operating out of the metaphorical command center of the underground resistance, the German duo has cemented themselves as one of the most forward-thinking figures from the melodic techno realm. “Rebellion” is the keyword to consider when examining their slow and steady rise to international recognition, as they’ve taken the latter half of their pseudonym to heart with every move they’ve made for the better part of the last decade.

With a blatant disregard for the finicky tides of the status quo, the ironclad collective has flown full mast into a singular sound that is unmatched both in quality and originality.

As they continue to indoctrinate a cult-like following across each continent they encounter, they’ve already made legitimate headway Stateside after an unforgettable sunrise set at deep playa during their North American debut.

Those fortunate enough to have huddled around the 360-degree art car at the crack of dawn are still raving mad about that picturesque performance, notwithstanding a few of the Factory 93 team members who were inevitably chomping at the bit to line up a release with the elusive Township. More than two years after the fact, and that dust-covered experience has led us to their new single on Factory 93.

“Our connection to Factory 93 started at the last Burning Man before the pandemic,” says Township Rebellion. Now, we are very excited to release our latest track on the new Factory 93 Label!”

“Signal’ wastes no time at setting the mood with a thundering kick and swirling atmospheres that foreshadow the track’s impending madness. Dissonant arpeggios bleed seamlessly into a cavernous groove, which steadily builds through a labyrinth of synapse-twisting synths and earth-shaking low-end.

The lengthy breakdown that wedges itself between the madness only slightly untangles the track’s twists and turns, denying any chance of resolution where it would be expected most. Thick pads and a new wave of arps are reintroduced into the fold, those pulsations oscillating furiously until the final send-off descends into dark, churning territory.

At the mercy of lockdown orders in 2020, Township Rebellion were forced to reschedule their first live appearance in Los Angeles at what would have been their first Factory-hosted headlining club show.

After weathering the storm, redemption arrived in top form via a special extended three-hour set alongside Boris Brejcha at ROW DTLA in September. As though that blistering performance wasn’t enough, we’re offered more than what we bargained for as Township Rebellion transmits their masterfully crafted sonic journey on the Factory catalog.


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