Tripp St. Unveils Debut LP ‘Welcome To Tripp St.’ Via CloZee’s Odyzey Music

welcome to tripp st.

An anonymous sonic innovator carving their own unique path within the funk and bass space, Tripp St. smashes the traditional confines of genre with each dynamic new track.

After the highly successful release of project lead singles “I Am Back” (January 29) and “Livin” (February 19), the compelling yet mysterious creator excitedly unveils their debut album, Welcome To Tripp St.. Welcome To Tripp St. is available now via CloZee’s label, Odyzey Music.

Kicking off Tripp St.’s debut is aptly titled track “This Is Me,” a sweet offering of Tripp St.’s many talents and an honest display of the beauty that is yet to come. Feeding powerfully into the albums second track and second lead single “Livin,” Tripp St. quickly catapults listeners into their ethereal universe soundtracked by worldly percussion and magical harps. Ripe with wobbly bass, nuanced beats, and wonky synth work, “I Am Back” boasts the impressive sound design signature of the anonymous producer to clock in track number three.

Exploring the deeper depths of heavy bass is “The Dojo,” an 808-heavy feature existing in a realm all of its own. Continuing their assault on the senses is the highly visceral “Crossover,” another bass-boosted feat of impressive sound design. A four minute and thirty second whirlwind, trap beats and quick rap verses best characterize this festival-ready track. Ever so slightly pulling back on the bass and revving up the worldly funk is “Styles,” an almost seven minute symphony showcasing Tripp St.’s impressive hand at creating sonic compositions. Bouncing between buoyant, piano-driven soundscapes and dubstep-esque moments, “Styles” is Tripp St. at their musical best.

Track number seven heads back to wonky and frenetic beats. “Shifter” plays like a percolator as Tripp St. sends listeners into a haphazard frenzy through their use of chaotic sound design. “Edition” unfurls with tribal drums before quickly introducing mesmerizing synth punches, and warmly wraps into “Like This Son,” another downtempo track erring on the softer side of Tripp St.. Embarking on a journey into the “Deep Sea” is track ten, a song as smooth as flowing ocean currents. Whisking listeners into the deep abyss of the ocean, Tripp St. creates beats as blissfully rhythmic as crashing waves. Finally wrapping up Tripp St.’s impressive 11-track debut is “Increase.” Serene to its core, “Increase” is the peaceful amalgamation of all that came before, wrapping Welcome To Tripp St. in silver strings, and sending it off for the world to hear.

“My whole life led up to this project. My and my team’s heart and soul have been put into these albums and mixes. Getting to release on CloZee’s label Oydzey Music is a dream come true and I’m honored to be the first album. The love and support this project has been receiving has been so amazing, so we had to go all in with ‘Welcome To Tripp St..’ Thanks to Dr01D visuals who created incredible animations to go along with the music, and Odyzey’s incredible team for the support. We have something we’re truly proud of and excited to put out.” – Tripp St.

Sitting on an abundance of unreleased IDs, Welcome To Tripp St. is just the beginning for the anonymous innovator.

Welcome To Tripp St. Tracklist

01. This Is Me
02. Livin
03. I Am Back
04. The Dojo
05. Crossover
06. Styles
07. Shifter
08. Edition
09. Like This Son
10. Deep Sea
11. Increase


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