Tritonal drops remix package for “Call Me”


Texas-based duo Tritonal is kicking off the new year with their latest single “Call Me” receiving six genre-bending reworks from across the dance floor.

The package opens up with Austin-based producer Noah Neiman’s electronic-pop take on the track, with swelling builds that crash into the vocals as soft tones cascade around them. Sj, who previously collaborated with Tritonal on “Hung Up” is also featured on the remix package, leads this track into bass house direction with deep bass wubs and a half-time break down that helps everyone take a breath in the madness of the beats.

Mokita & GOLDHOUSE bring a more relaxed tone with their rendition of “Call Me”. The slower tempo of the track, coupled with the rhythmic snaps make this single dayclub ready. Arcando also slows his remix down, making the builds quieter, but outlined with staccato drum patterns. As Arcando’s remix sinks into the drop, it takes a tropical turn, giving listeners an upbeat chorus to dance through.

Thomas Hayes brings a new life to the track, adding reflective guitar strums and isolating the vocals. As Thomas Hayes rises through the strums, heavy drum patterns burst through, intensifying until a high-pitched synth melody takes the spotlight. Asketa closes out the remix package with an energetic version of the tune. On his remix, Asketa precariously pairs deep, crunching synth rhythms juxtaposed with airy vocals, constructing a melodic-based masterpiece that still bangs.

The remix package closes with Tritonal’s original mix of “Call Me”, a marvelously crafted track which capped off a remarkable year for this duo of producers.

Download all the remixes here.


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