Trivecta Releases Nostalgic Anthemic Tune ‘Ghost In The Machine’ On Monstercat

trivecta Ghost In The Machine

After nearly two years since his last release on the label, Trivecta surprises fans with an authentic dance anthem today, sharing his new single ‘Ghost In The Machine’ on Monstercat.

Combining trappings of pop-forward hooks, high-energy progressive house elements and catchy uplifting vocals, it’s hard not to feel the overwhelming urge to hit the dancefloor.

Trivecta shares, “This song is a callback to some of the progressive house tunes I put out with Monstercat in my early years. It’s reminiscent of a time that was super energetic and inspiring for me, so it was a blast to make.”

Trivecta is not one to shy away from collaborations as he has worked on tracks with greats like Excision and Seven Lions, and has joined other renowned melodic artists such as Illenium on tour. As festivals make their return, fans can look forward to seeing Trivecta perform live in May at Sunset Music Festival in Florida.


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