Eats Everything unveils remix of Positiva classic ‘U’ by Scot Project

Eats Everything

Bristolian producer Daniel Pearce, aka Eats Everything, has unveiled his remix of the timeless ‘U (I Got A Feeling)’ by Scot Project, a release celebrating 25 years of iconic dance label, Positiva Records.

Having sound-tracked an array of nights over the last quarter of a century, 2018 marks Positiva’s anniversary year, with the Eats remix preceding their upcoming weekend of shows at Ministry of Sound as a very special celebration of their 25th anniversary.

“If you were into house music into the 90’s in the UK, you invariably owned a track on Positiva either on vinyl, cd or cassette – some of the seminal anthems that shaped my mid to late teens.” added Eats Everything. “Too many tracks to mention, so much so, that when I sat down to decide on which track I would be honoured to remix I was absolutely blown away by the never ending list of absolute anthems to choose from. I chose Scot Project – U, for several reasons. One, because a lot of the tracks on the list had been either remixed a few times or re-released etc. – and two, because it is one of my favourite records of all time. It’s always been a bit too hard to play in modern times but having the ability to strip it back a bit & (hopefully) give this generations’ ravers a chance to experience what I experienced in 1996 when I first heard this record was an opportunity not to be missed. I hope I’ve done it & the label justice. Long live Positiva!”


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