UBUR Releases Mind-Melting Dubstep Single, “Bad Ludes”

ubur bad ludes

Bassrush Records welcomes up-and-coming bass producer UBUR to its catalogue with his latest single, “Bad Ludes.”

The So-Cal based producer takes us on a wild bass bender on his new dubstep offering, as he creates a mind-numbing display of trippy bottom-end filth. Opening things up with a nail-biting bassline that slowly seeps its way into a maddening vocal sample of a strange dude shouting out nonsensical sentiments about the once-popular pharmaceutical that had its grip on people many decades ago. As his intensity reaches the boiling point, so does the energy. His shouting is soon greeted by a string of 808s, retro-leaning arpeggiations, insane lysergic licks that take you into the dark recesses of the mind that is UBUR.

“I’m extremely scatterbrained when it comes to writing music so as a result, I write pretty impulsively,” says UBUR. “There’s always a ton of influences I have when writing music but if I were to dial everything down this is what happens when you want to combine heavy distortion, hip hop drums, chiptune arps, acid synths & a guy screaming at you about drugs.”

The SoCal-based producer has had a productive last couple of years since launching the project, having received cosigns from credible camps such as NSD: Black Label, Disciple Round Table, SVDDEN DEATH Records, and Excision Music. Bassrush is next in line to prop up the bubbling artist, and UBUR takes us on an intense trip with his debut release.


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