UMEK Unveils, ‘Exodus’ EP

umek exodus

Out now, UMEK is back on his record label 1605 with another bone-rattling techno release that showcases two new tracks with exuberant energy.

Known for his boisterous style of techno, UMEK’s modern sound is a high-octane fusion of pounding percussion and engulfing synths that sweep across the dance floor.

1605 has become the home for most of UMEK’s music but he does have an extensive back catalogue built up over a thirty-year career that includes music on labels ranging from Carl Cox’s Intec to Chris Liebing’s CLR.

“Exodus” is the EP’s title track and it opens the release with a wide array of sounds that rip through the speaker with dramatic effect. The science fiction vocal sample talks about a battle with humans and robots, while the track itself sounds like it has been made using the devastating sounds from the fight. It’s a massive track with thickset production and dark atmosphere that creates an unstoppable groove.

“Night Will Never End” is the second track and it’s got the same flow of peak time energy as its predecessor, but this time it pays homage to the timeless sound of the rave scene. Its breakdown has poignant chords and poetic vocals talking about the unity of being on the dance floor with hundreds of other people. Its pulsating bassline and slamming percussion are everything someone would expect from UMEK.

You can buy a copy HERE.


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