UMEK Unveils Another EP, ‘Once Again’

umek once again

UMEK starts 2023 with a bang by dropping a new EP on his record label 1605.

The two tracks have hard-hitting grooves that will please fans of the Slovenian techno icon.

2023 is a big year for UMEK as this year he is celebrating the 30th anniversary of his career in the music industry. He started the celebrations early with his last release of 2022 which was a remix of a track by Quadrophonia that first got him into electronic music.

‘Once Again’ EP is his first new material of 2023 and it’s a celebratory release that shows how UMEK’s innovation and passion for music has helped him remain one of techno’s most influential producers.

Opening the release is “Once Again” and it wastes no time getting into the thick of things with its pulsating bassline and acid stabs. The track’s focal element is a distinctive vocal sample with hip hop influence and a suspense building breakdown, before the powerful percussion delivers the knockout blow.

Second is “Constantly Monitored” which has a more upbeat vibe with jovial stabs and thrashing percussion that cut through the dark and brooding atmosphere. It’s got an epic breakdown that’s full of euphoria and it delivers a peak time energy which is perfect for any dance floor.

You can buy a copy HERE


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