Upcoming Artist Jaitraya’s New Single Will Have You Dreaming Of The Beaches Of Itacaré

Jaitraya Itacare

Currently based in Antwerp (Belgium), Jaitraya is an upcoming talented songwriter and musician.

For his new single – “Itacaré”, Jaitraya looks to the idyllic white-golden beaches of Itacaré, situated around 250 km north of the city of Salvador, Brasil for inspiration.

The track is perfect for the summer and will definitely feel like visiting Itacaré. Fierce drums and progressive melodic sounds are perfectly placed together, laced with vocals that define the experience one can expect at Itacaré. The track has the right amount of Brasilian vibes, and you’re sure to find yourself grooving to it.

Starting piano at the age of 9, he got exposed to a variety of classical pieces. He developed an extremely sharp ear and a fine sense of music. Over the following years, his musical interests expanded to many styles and genres, such as pop, jazz and electronic (dance)music. For Jaitraya, listening to music is like consuming a meal and making music is like the process of preparing a meal. He carefully selects the ingredients for his next track and mixes them together, resulting in a first-class dish. That being said, Jaitraya always aims to fulfill the musical desires of his listeners.

Jaitraya has only just started and is continuously improving his sounds and beats. He is strongly focused on intuition when it comes to artistic creation: “I think making music is an exercise in honesty. Be honest to yourself to whatever comes into your mind. Only so now and then, you need to compensate your honesty with a healthy portion of rationality”, Jaitraya quotes.

We are curious about what he will bring us next!

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