UZ & Montell2099 – UNDERGRND


UNDERGRND has just been released courtesy of Quality Goods Records. The track has been made by head honcho UZ and New Zealand’s Montell2099, and is made to promote their tour of the same name.

With both their production styles complementing each other neatly, “UNDERGRND” comes together with a simplicity and subtle energy. Kicking beats and patchy pieces of melody align with its trap and future bass flavours, leaving you wanting to hear more the second it ends.

Be sure to snap it up before the tour starts in September.

About UZ:

Something of a man of mystery, UZ emerged into the world of constantly evolving bass music back in 2012, and his intense musical creativity has kept fans guessing ever since. Widely considered one of the founding fathers of the floor-shattering trap sound that has taken the world by storm, UZ’s innovative approach to production and impeccable reputation as a tastemaker has kept him on top of the pile for the past five years. 


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