VA – Hype On This


Italian imprint Nameless Records has invited a host of new Italian artists to their roster as they announce the release of their highly anticipated Hype On This album. With a focus on the finest home-grown electronic acts, the label is staying true to its ethic of bringing the Italian scene to a global audience.


Setting the tone with ‘The Night’, Marble’s rough and unique style introduces the album with a bang. Using integrated soundscapes & vocoder vocals, the young producer creates a growing sense of intrigue and suspense to kick off the album. Tommy Scala then increases the momentum with ‘Blue Line,’ combining infectious vocal chops, drum breaks and moving piano excursions in a pop-centric cut. Next up is a multi genre anthem from Hozones, fusing future bass, trap and pop elements into one track ‘Sleep Alone.’


Slowing down the tempo is Jeysiel’s ‘Marahute’ with rising arpeggiated chords and vocal cuts underpinning the emotive melody. The fifth track, Dopesquad’s ‘Bad Boys Cry’ is another musical hybrid, ebbing and flowing between the smooth melodious topline and the relentless bass and stabbing synths. Turning up the bass for ‘Rogue’, PRZI & SLVR have joined forces yet again, boasting their diverse range of captivating production techniques with energetic chord progressions and kinetic synth drops.

Treeko’s addition to the album ‘Haters’ adds a darker more tension-fuelled element to the album, utilising wiry synths and intense builds. Capping off the LP is Marble again, this time teaming up with HateMySurname. Another explosively experimental masterpiece, ‘Tired’ combines delicate synths and oriental strings with deep basslines.

With another bass fuelled gem from Marble and Not For Us tucked away as a bonus track on Spotify, make sure to save the full ‘Hype On This’ album to your library for the free download of ‘KKKRRR’, first heard on This Song Slaps.


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