Veeshy and Phonic Youth Team Up For Groovy Synthwave Track “Arcade Highs”

veeshy arcade high

Synthwave powerhouse Veeshy and progressive house duo Phonic Youth teamed up again for their ethereal single “Arcade Highs”.

The airy synths, rich bass, and resonant vocals take listeners on a nostalgic musical journey. The quiet arpeggiators, soft pads, and thumping drums breathe energy into this otherwise atmospheric track. “Arcade Highs” is the ultimate throwback, showcasing the sonic complexities that both Veeshy and Phonic Youth have become known for. It’s the perfect soundtrack for sunset drives and we look forward to seeing what they release next!

Veeshy shares, “An energetic & color-saturated track that draws inspiration & ambiance from the neon-filled arcades that were a highlight of 80s American culture.”

Phonic Youth comments, “Always a pleasure to work with Veeshy and be sucked into the synthwave realm!


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