Vicetone unveil their slick new anthem – Fences

Vicetone Fences

Fresh off a massive sold-out show in Montreal at New City Gas on New Year’s eve, Dutch production duo Vicetone – aka Ruben den Boer and Victor Pool – have unveiled their slick new anthem, “Fences”.

The single is a powerful production led by the vocal talents of Matt Wertz, an acclaimed singer/songwriter who has previously toured with Jason Mraz. “Fences” precedes the drop of the duo’s forthcoming Elements EP, which is set for release on February 22nd.

Blending delicate guitar tones and jangly tambourine rhythms, the track highlights frequent organic use of instruments, a new concept for the duo, with Victor explaining: “This is the first thing we’ve done where we’re playing guitar, and it lets us get so many sounds we’d never be able to get through sampling. The track is about someone trying to help his girlfriend out of a depression so has a motivational feeling to it.”

With the Elements EP serving as the follow up to 2016’s Aurora, the release of “Fences” marks a stark maturity and continued evolution in the work of the progressive duo. With a moving music video accompanying the track, the Vicetone mantra is certainly one to be admired, and “Fences” is set to make a loud impact!


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