Vincent Barrea releases thumping new single – Save My Life


Vincent Barrea is one of Europe’s newest finds who is creating quite some buzz in the scene with his innovative music.

The artist has now come back with a new single, the upbeat and dynamic “Save My Life”, which comes out as part of the “Zoom Zoom” EP.

Laid on a strong bass line, the vocals and the thumping beats give the track a really lively feeling right from the start. Subtle, enriching piano works and synth elements lead to the drop, along with the beautiful vocal display and you will surely be surprised by the hurried feeling set in the drop, which makes your heartthrob. The same continues once again, before leading to the climax that will leave you craving for more!

The artist shows his prowess in creating really captivating music with this single. Stylish and contemporary are the first words that his music reminds you of, while also showing the maturity of crisp production. Having been influenced by techno, hip-hop, indie, pop and folk music, the artist displays most of those elements in his choice of producers and this track proves it.

We can definitely expect a series of new-sounding and mind-bending music from this artist! What do you think of this new talent and his unique music? Let us know in the comments below. Download the track here.

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