Vini Vici Drop Brand New Collaboration With Shapov & NERVO, “My World”

vini vici my world with shapov and nervo

The Israeli duo has been making moves in recent times and their collaboration with Shapov and Nervo just adds up to the excitement.

The announcement first showed up on Shapov’s Twitter on February 7th which mentioned that he will be releasing a “powerful collaboration” with Nervo and Vini Vici. The result is nothing short of energy or power as mentioned by Shapov himself.

Released on 14th February, “My World” is a collision between the artistic worlds of all these Producers. Abundant Synths and massive basslines make the track a trip down the memory lane for many. With a huge 90’s Techno Trance vibe radiating from the record, one cannot stop himself from stepping on the floor and feeling it out. Give it a try.

This massive collaboration is released on Vini Vici’s very Own imprint, Alteza Records. The track is also available on Beatport.
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