Vintage & Morelli Transports Fans To the Coast With His New Melodic House Single “On The Beach”

vintage & morelli on the beach

Following three remarkable albums on Monstercat Silk, Serbia’s leading trance and progressive house producer Vintage & Morelli returned to the label today with a dreamy, melodic single, “On The Beach.”

The track is a testament to his lauded soundscapes, bringing luscious tropical vibes into the chill house lane. Arriving at the perfect time, “On The Beach” embodies summer with its euphoric synths and transportive melodies. As the only artist to have ever headlined a tour on behalf of Silk, we hope to catch Vintage & Morelli on the road soon.

Vintage & Morelli shares, “Being a child of summer, born in August, I’ve always dreamed of living by the coast, surrounded by sunshine, warmth and sea. This track represents my journey towards making that dream come true, always inspiring ocean waves, nature surrounding it and never ending summer.”


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