Volen Sentir Release An Ecstatic Live Set, ‘Magic Forest’!

volen sentir magic forest

The Russian duo based in Moscow, Volen Sentir, have been having a great run over the past two years with many best selling tracks.

Their ethnic house music is rightly making the impact that one expects out of artists of high calibre.

Volen Sentir has now released a new live set in “Magic Forest” and they have, in all ways, created absolute magic! Right from the start, one is left in awe of the extremely soothing, enchanting and intimate vibe of the music they have created.

Leading the whole set with piano melodies, and a very touching melody of the flute, the producers just set you into a trance almost immediately. The typical house flavour of the track is unmissable, giving it a classic touch as well. While the bass work on the track is absolutely impactful, the percussive elements leave their mark much deeper.

With the gripping tempo having its hold on you, the tingling melodies create something very euphoric for the listener. Transitions are top-notch, and will have you craving for more mystical twists each minute. A perfect ending is seen in the Sanskrit lyrics offering a totally breathtaking experience.

As the duo consider their music to be an “invitation to travel”, blessed are those who accept the invitation and embark on a journey of magic. You must experience this one for sure!

Pavan Kumar


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