Wade Unveils New Single, ‘Shake & Bounce’

wade shake & bounce

Kicking off the year with inimitable style, Spain’s venerated house maestro Wade makes his debut appearance on Insomniac Records with “Shake & Bounce,” a ricocheting tech house record that’s designed to rip the club circuit up from its very foundation.

Speaking to his proclivity for constructing stimulating rhythms, “Shake & Bounce” is another testament to the vice grip the Spaniard holds over party-pleasing grooves.

Impossibly buoyant and riddled with unapologetic sass, the red-hot offering employs a thunderous rattling lead that earns the right to adopt both apt descriptors existing adjacently in its title. A bodacious female flow drips with unfaltering confidence, as each commanding vocal refrain leaves no choice but to answer the call of its irrefutable directive.

The rumbling basslines and punchy percussive refuse to sit still, perfectly converging to keep the energy roaring through the space. Its provocative nature is underlined by a clever touch of heavy panting, which punctuate the fringes of this sultry body-shaker.

“If I have to describe this track with one word, it would be: ‘SEXY,’” says Wade. “It sounds groovy but dirty and nasty at the same time. Every time I play it, I see people doing some dancing moves that I’ve never seen before! Let’s shake and bounce, baby!”

Occupying a unique space somewhere in-between the cracks separating house and hip-hop, Wade’s latest single is encoded with the same DNA that has made him into a chart-topping global sensation.

His uncanny ability to weave those two worlds into a single entity has become a calling card for the Spanish export, one that he has dialed into perfection for more than a decade. Somehow finding time amid a hectic tour schedule and a tireless output—which has seen him crank out club-ready originals and collabs alongside key players from the likes of Solardo, Cloonee, and more—he’s recently expanded the portfolio to claim his title as the head honcho behind the burgeoning label and live events brand, Criterio.

Tapping into new ways to influence the house scene is not a surprise, because Wade is the type of artist who finds great pleasure in moving against the current. Then again, his moniker should have made that point abundantly clear.

Wade’s new single “Shake & Bounce” is now available everywhere via Insomniac Records.



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