WATCH: Armin van Buuren brings David Lee Roth on-stage for surprise ‘Jump’ performance

armin van buuren david lee roth jump

Ultra Music Festival in Miami carries on its reputation of being the home of iconic events, even this year! This time, the surprise was huge as Van Halen’s David Lee Roth joined Armin van Buuren on the mainstage!

Expressing that he’s definitely enjoying dance music of late, in an interview with Rolling Stones earlier, Roth made a surprise entry at the Miami festival. Armin remixed the famous track from the rock band, “Jump” which was released in 1983.

Roth said, “It matches the general blood pressure and adrenaline, serotonin, alcoholic, indelicate house blend that is happening about 100 meters north of [Ultra’s] tent city”, speaking of the remix from Armin.

Armin on the other hand, was super excited to share the stage for Roth and re-work on the track. The remix came happened when a friend of van Buuren’s offered to send him the song’s recording stems.

“I’m like, ‘Yeah, hell yeah,’” the producer says. “I knew the song already as a kid. I think I was 6 years old when the track was a Number One hit everywhere. I was just eager to have the stems, because I always thought, ‘What if you could have the energy of that song from 1982 and transfer it to 2019?’”

He sent it to Roth a few weeks ago, and the singer loved it. “Just the fact that David is open for such a thing is quite huge to me,” van Buuren says.

As always, Ultra Music Festival has offered something more than expected, and we just love them for that! Stay tuned as we bring more news from Miami to you!

Pavan Kumar


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