WAVEDASH Pulls the Pin on Fourth Single From Their Debut Album With ‘Lemon Nades’

wavedash lemon nades

WAVEDASH is pulling the pin on “Lemon Nades,” a hard-hitting blast that serves as the last salvo they’re firing off ahead of their highly anticipated debut artist album on Gud Vibrations.

The three-headed beast that is WAVEDASH release the heavily teased “Lemon Nades,” the final single off their debut album, ‘World Famous Tour.’ What started as a simple studio session in LA nearly four years ago with Noon—real name Gabe Sackier—became what the trio thinks as their hardest hitting song. Exuding youthful energy and rejecting the perceived excesses of mainstream dance music, the utter similarities drawn to punk music in “Lemon Nades” are clear while also paying homage to early ‘90s UK rave and jungle music MCs with the boisterous “sharp like a dagger” vocals.

With the massive presence the track commands, nuanced production elements still shine through with meticulous drum fills, basslines, and percussion elements in typical pinpoint WAVEDASH fashion. The track radiates the exciting feeling we have lost touch with due to COVID; that of being in a packed crowd bunched up in a mosh pit in a sweat-filled club, with the pure mania and dynamic of an adrenalized performance, heavy tunes, and the “fuck it” mentality. With this, the track ends in melancholic form—somber piano chords play and the feeling of loneliness sets in as the soberness finally returns. Plain and simple: “Lemon Nades” is unapologetically hard as nails.

“While I am the birth father of this song, the stepdads of WAVEDASH taught it how to walk, paid for education, and beat up its shit college boyfriends,” says Noon, the low-key instigator who helped conceive the collaboration alongside WAVEDASH. “But ALL of us get to walk ‘Lemon Nades’ down the aisle.”

“Lemon Nades” has been a secret weapon in the WAVEDASH stockpile, with its unrelenting stopping power obliterating the group’s sets and live streams dating back as early as 2018. Naturally, they were holding off until the opportune moment to strike and what better time than right before they rain down on the dance scene with their full LP. For the better part of the last half year, WAVEDASH has hurled themselves into the forefront of bass music with a heavy artillery of wide-ranging singles that have taken on their own carefully calculated trajectory. As the countdown clock continues to tick closer to when the world can finally hear the album in all its glory, there was no better way to clear the area for its arrival than the highly explosive “Lemon Nades.” For now, you better duck for cover before WAVEDASH is calling out “fire in the hole!”


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