Anonymous pair Wh0 release brand new single – gReEdY on SubSoul

wh0 gReEdY

Wh0 is an anonymous pair that is becoming one of the most notorious names within global DJ set lists.

Within just nine months, their sonic offerings have become staples within the mixes of notable taste makers – many fans of tech-house have discovered their dancefloor prowess, and this is something which is pushing their sound into every corner of the market. Demonstrated through their imperative-banger ‘Scream’, many more of their self-released ‘Wh0 Plays’ tracks have peaked in the Top 10 tech-house chart, amongst many of their heavyweight counterparts, proving they’re becoming more and more renowned with every smashing cut they unleash.

One element of Wh0’s music which has caught the world’s attention is their penchant for thumping basslines as well as fun that’s injected into each one of their records. The Mysterious pair began to make their mark with their Basement Jaxx reworks of iconic tracks ‘Romeo’ and ‘Where’s Your Head At’, already setting monumental standards which were always going to be difficult to follow. But with their releases on colossal imprints such as Toolroom and 3Beat, they’ve adhered to these levels and the creation of their ‘Wh0 Plays’ label saw them go even further, with full creative control over their music.

Their next output is single ‘GrEeDy’ through Subsoul, once again playing with the style that’s made them such recognizable personalities. On first listen, it’s easy to understand how promoters are now lining up to bring Wh0 into their spaces. Each kick clap and a throbbing twist of bass adds onto the next; the unmistakable Wh0 signature makes itself known instantly and this is only accentuated by the manipulated vocal samples. These dip in and out of the mix, helping to add a groove that juts out from underneath. Wh0 are beginning the year with another wicked addition to their DJ weaponry and it shows how they’re about to capitalize on 2018 for another massive year.

Hannah Helbert


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