Whales And Jo Cohen Unveil Emotional Future Bass Single “High” Featuring Lusil

whales high

Following the release of his bass-heavy single “Poisons” last month, dubstep producer Whales returned to Monstercat today accompanied by Israeli producer Jo Cohen for their collaborative single, “High.”

Lusil’s beautiful vocals add a layer of raw emotion to the upbeat single, with lyricism that depicts the pain of missing someone. Whale’s melodic prowess is on full display as the deep bassline, bright chord stacks, and thumping drums mix perfectly with each other, culminating in a vibrant future bass melody.

Whales shares, “At the beginning of Covid I wanted to experiment with more “poppish” sounds blended with EDM as shows were not happening and I wanted to make something my audience can enjoy at home! So I teamed up with long-time friends Jo Cohen and Lusil to create this one.”

Jo Cohen adds, “I think “High” is a song that can connect everyone who thrives to be a better version of themselves. We all sometimes feel kinda “low” with the regularity of life, relationships, and the basic craziness of this world. This song is a good reminder for us all to be higher than the sky.”


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