Wild Culture – Together Alone


The Austrian DJ and producer outfit Wild Culture are putting themselves back in the spotlight this week with the release of new single “Together Alone.”

This heart-wrenching pop/house hybrid features the vocals of Loren Nine and builds with expressive intensity. Winding piano and drums together around its uplifting top-line, “Together Alone” is a beautiful listen that will remain timeless.

You can hear it right away.

About Wild Culture

When Austrian producers Felix and Florian met for the first time, they couldn’t have imagined what enormous impact they would have had with their last project Wild Culture. Austria, with its natural charming beauty of vast forests and some of Europe‘s highest mountains, is a constant source of inspiration for their music productions. Remaining true to their style, the duos’ slogan “less is more” is reflectedin their simple, yet very unique sounds and organic elements.

Flo and Felix have made a name for themselves not only through high-quality productions on a number of different labels, but also thanks to their remixes and releases, which played by international headliners, attracted attention and buzz all over the world.

Ever since, the Austrian duo has been touring through multiple continents, reaching from Europe to South America and from the USA to Australia. With more than 19 million plays on Soundcloud, 24 million plays on YouTube and 21 million plays on Spotify Wild Culture, according to the biggest public TV station of Austria, they are being labeled as the „The Austrian Response to David Guetta and Robin Schulz.“

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