Wiwek storms Onto W&W’s Rave Culture Imprint With Huge Single ‘Periphery’

wiwek periphery

One of the most distinctive and unusual producers in dance music over the last few years, Wiwek is back with the first in a line of hefty new tracks.

The Dutch producer makes his debut on W&W’s acclaimed Rave Culture imprint with the enormous ‘Periphery’, coming off the back of the artists meeting each other on tour in late 2020.

After making his name with a slew of big room / tribal tracks, Wiwek went in a wholly unexpected direction by investing his powerful Jungle Terror sound that combined Indian rhythms, trap and tribal house into one insane package (with heavy support from the likes of Diplo and Skrillex along the way).

‘Periphery’ is perhaps somewhere in the middle of his two eras, combining thunderous, pounding techno with a stunning trance / hardcore melody that cuts its way through the darkness. A track of serious contrast, its moments of elation are juxtaposed starkly with huge metallic hits that give an industrial quality to the proceedings.

Wiwek met Rave Culture bosses W&W while they were both touring in Thailand last December — one of the very first opportunities available to them as DJs since the pandemic began.

Inspired by seeing crowds partying in front of big stages again, he spent the following two weeks making new music in Thailand, and ‘Periphery’ was just one of many new projects he started.

The Covid situation really had him thinking about what he wanted to do differently and what sound he wanted to explore going forward, and enabled him to finish projects that he hadn’t found time for yet.

He worked hard to find new sounds during lockdown and came back with a plan to release a steady stream of new singles in quick succession to build up his fans’ appetite again.


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