Wolfgang Gartner Joins No Mana’s Forthcoming Project With ‘The Original’

wolfgang gartner the original

Following the release of its inaugural single “Can’t Say No,” which saw mau5trap mainstay No Mana join forces dance music heavyweight Tommy Trash, No Mana hints further at his upcoming project with another hard-hitting single.

Continuing his unrelenting pursuit of bringing back the OG sounds of nostalgic electro house, No Mana enlists Wolfgang Gartner for the project’s second single, “The Original.” Wolfgang Gartner’s “The Original” is available Friday, July 30.

A pioneer of golden-era electro house sound, Wolfgang Gartner is one-of-a-kind. From instant classics like “Illmerica” to his coalescing with Skrillex for the timeless “The Devil’s Den,” Wolfgang Gartner’s scope is all-encompassing.

Now, the bona fide producer flexes his triumphant sound on “The Original,” a veracious 4-minute cut serving as the second single from No Mana’s forthcoming compilation.

Grungy snares and a distorted kick open the track as a cacophony of lurid vocals take control in this transcendent feature. Quickly launching into a frenetic onslaught of massive oscillating synths, “The Original” solidifies it’s standing as an electro house supernova for the ages. A longtime staple ID in Gartner’s live sets, “The Original” now sees it’s much anticipated release.

“I gathered a bunch of friends and idols to forge a hammer that beats a dead horse that is electro house AKA ‘best genre,'” says No Mana on his forthcoming compilation. “This started as a joke between EDDIE, Bentley Dean and myself as to mock nostalgic electro house (mostly the excessive releases of compilations and the ones that were ripped from YouTube). Now, I think the joke has gone a little too far; but we’ll go the extra mile. It’s in our tempo, bitrate, and pathetic crowd size…128 is the number of the beast.”

“I wrote this track a few years ago and have been playing it in my sets since. It was intended to be a secret weapon for my own DJ sets and it has served that purpose well. Now, it’s time to set it free into the wild and let others enjoy it.” – Wolfgang Gartner


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