Wynnwood & Lumynesynth Unveil Soothing Melodic House Single “Coming To Light”

wynnwood coming to light

Wynwood and Lumynesynth returned to Monstercat Silk this week with their first collaborative track “Coming To Light”. Perfect for studying or late-night drives, “Coming To Light” drops listeners into a world of sound characterized by ambient forest noise, atmospheric pads, and floating vocals.

The soft drums and crisp percussion help drive the track forward, adding a layer of gentle energy to this laid-back record.

Wynnwood shares, “I wrote the initial track while on a work trip in Chicago during the Spring of 2018. I was staying near Grant Park and was inspired by the changing of seasons from winter to spring. In 2020 I picked up the project again and collaborated with Beth (aka Lumynesynth) for the final vocal. I love the way it came out and am excited to have it finally released on Monstercat Silk!”

Lumynesynth adds, “Coming to Light” is a track that I think we can all relate to. The end of the struggles of this past year are now in sight, and things are finally beginning to brighten! Cheers to much better days ahead.”


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