Y-DAPT Releases ‘Love And Lust’ EP

y-dapt love and lust ep

Since 2017, enigmatic producer Y-DAPT has been showcasing his vibrant and eclectic sound through a string of self-released productions.

Releasing his debut EP last year, Y-DAPT now further explores the dimensions of dance music via the ‘Love And Lust’ EP out 25th September.

Combining multi-genre elements of house, electro, breaks, and bass, Y-DAPT entices listeners to enter a futuristic aural environment built upon waves of sub-bass frequencies and dance floor grooves. Taking inspiration and adapting the steps of legendary production setups such as Gorillaz and The Chemical Brothers, Y-DAPT has built on showcasing his impressive production abilities through releases such as ‘Want You’ and ‘No Doubt’. With each release reaffirming his studio credentials, he has shown that it is not only his style that steps out of the box when it comes to the production desk, but it’s also an aspect of his personality – wherein his Y-DAPT project takes the physical form of a trippy Chameleon.

“Love And Lust’ EP is meant to be a sonic journey around my colourful world. ‘Love And Lust’ EP portraits the many dimensions I know: weird sounds on classic samples both 4 on the floor and breakbeats jumping in unison from day-dreams into night-vibes.” Y-DAPT

Y-DAPT’s productions allow the listener to transition back and forth between his production styles and musical camouflages. ‘Love And Lust’ EP is spliced into two sides; one more dreamy and sonically bright, and the other about late-night temptations and moodier tones. Portraying this from one spectrum of the EP to the other, ‘Love Thang’ is a hyper-energetic / house crossover with a soulful vocal whilst ‘Sexy Tempo’ consists up bright breaks and dubby kicks. ‘Room 809’ retains elements of the previous but with more drive squarely aimed at the dancefloor. ‘U So High’ sits on the darker edge of the EP alongside ‘Smoking A Moka’.

Combing a vast arrangement of production techniques, the genre-defying Y-DAPT is truly unique to his field and sure to rise in success.

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