R&B Singer-Songwriter YAHNEI Introduces Debut EP “2:22”

yahnei 2:22

Yahnei is a rising contemporary R&B artist based in Toronto. She began songwriting and exploring music at an early age, drawing inspiration from some of her favorite artists, such as Nina Simone and PartyNextDoor.

Her music appeals to listeners because of the stark juxtaposition of depth and simplicity in her tone that features a unique combination of sporadic trap and soulful melodic rhythms. These traits and her authentic depictions of her life experiences are some of the reasons why her listeners are easily connected to her music on a profound and intimate level.

Talking about the present, this young talent delivers an excessiveness of soulful, sultry performances on her euphoric’ trap meets modern R&B beats.’ The 6-track EP conveys both the artist’s genuine confidence and her sincere yearning for deeper love. From the ethereal IDM to the passionate guitars, she exhibits a range of influences in this EP.

With “Mandarin Cookiez,” written by no other than Yahnei herself and produced by Vianey OJ, the EP starts on the right foot and sets the tone for the rest of its music. The track features R&B vocals accompanied by an addictive trap beat, similar to what you’d hear on mumble rap. With the second track, “Motion,” we slowly feel the 808 beats and get the tickles going.

We learn more about the personal emotions and thoughts that motivate Yahnei in “Been U,” produced by Vinny and Dionso. The EP decelerates from the 4th track onward. The single “Kickin’ It,” which announced the EP, is a fervid track with a great snare and hi-hat syncopation and even changes its direction near the end of the song.

Continuing on the expedition, we move to a slow lo-fi strain with pitched pianos and synths all accompanied by conversations over the phone. The EP’s lone non-electronic and closing track, “Waitin’,” is an acoustic guitar melodic track, reflecting the artist’s feelings of being tired of waiting and questioning the decisions made.

As we close, we want to add that Yahnei is instantly recognizable as a vintage throwback while also setting new standards with her low-toned, soul-stirring vocals.

The writer, Yahnei herself, did an outstanding job of writing her story, thoughts, and emotions. The music producers Vianey OJ, Dionso, VINNY, and Nimz have maintained a high level of distinctness and quality in terms of genres, styles, and mood of the EP.

Overall, “2:22” shows that good music never goes out of style and certainly puts Yahnei on the map and brings her over the horizon.

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