PREMIERE: Incredible New Artist Yawdel Releases Debut Smash-Hit ‘Taste It’

yawdel taste it

Bursting onto the music scene, Yawdel drops his debut single ‘Taste It’.

Teaming up with vocals from Dublin-based singer Zhiko, this collab is set to light up your headphones for weeks to come.

Silky smooth synth chords subtly start the piece, with flashes of arpeggiated synth plucks for accompaniment. Vocals enter in, describing working towards your goals through daily trials, sung on a canvas of muted synths. As the chords cut out, a smooth synth eq sweep which, combined with the bass and a crescendo of drums, build up to the drop. Two dubstep synth hits bring in an exciting chorus driven by Big Room drums and a rhythmic synth. The lead melody comes in on an affected brass synth as the hook vocals repeat ‘so close that you can taste it’. Subtle staccato strings add audio interest, while, on its repeat, the melody vocals enter with a high-pitched arpeggiating synth. As the track builds and repeats again drum hits and synth intricacies keep the ear of the listener, leading you through the tracks highly danceable chorus and into a detuned synth fade-out to end.

With the release of ‘Taste It’, it marks the start of what is looking to be a big year for Yawdel the brand and the DJ. As both a manga character and a super talented DJ, there is nowhere Yawdel can’t reach, and his upcoming EP is highly anticipated. With a busy release schedule and global appeal, Yawdel is set for success, and ‘Taste It’ is sure to mark its beginning.

We have made a special playlist to help you stay engaged, and stay at home during this lockdown, you can stream it here.


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