Anonymous Artist YMIR Makes Monstercat Debut With Stunning New Single “Tripwire”

ymir tripwire

Off the back of being discovered from an Apashe remix competition, faceless genre-bending artist YMIR made his Monstercat debut today with the haunting new single, “Tripwire.”

Drawing inspiration from the way spiders hunt and trap their prey, YMIR effortlessly creates a dark and tantalizing melody that lures listeners in. With its lustful undertones, “Tripwire” recounts the moment when two people fall into a fatal attraction. Its deep basses, wailing guitars, and powerful vocals are a sign that YMIR is no stranger to creating complex soundscapes.

YMIR shares, “This song merges rock, pop, and trap into an electronic experience that will leave you ‘caught in it’s tripwire.’ I hope you enjoy it!”


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