Young Gun EZRA Is Back With A New Stunning Release On Twin Town

EZRA Akte Eros

What a ride. Future LoFi, Downtempo HiFi, Cosmic Funk or Modern Space House: EZRA combines rich basses and banging synths from the spheres of the 80s with sparkling hi-hats and crisp bass drums of modern times to a sound epic that combines the speed of hip-hop with the punch of house and techno in ecstasy.

RHYTHMUS 22″ marks the beginning of “AKTE EROS”: the pulsating rhythm rises leisurely from the mist of the dance floor. What begins slowly becomes an odyssey of sound and smoke: chaos emerges from uniform vibrations, followed by a total system crash.

Back from the darkness, “EROS” calls back onto the dance floor in the second act: hip-hop drums, funky basslines and popping snares bundle with chopped vocals to form a prism of rhythm and sound. Slowly the arpeggiator rises to the climax, hectically hissing the hi-hats. The rhythm becomes ecstasy, the sound becomes EROS.

Outside of time and space, “FUTUR II” opens the last act: beating basses, whipping claps and tactile percussions unite EZRA to a dynamic cosmos of arpeggio and drums. In this carpet of sound, only a soft piano and thundering bongos remind us of the organic origin. In “FUTUR II” EZRA solves the dilemma of time and starts into new dimensions: with bass back to the Big Bang, with lead synths backwards into the future. LoFi becomes HiFi, dystopia becomes utopia: ASTRO DISCO! Let’s all take off.

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