Zack Gray Teams Up With ANDY KAUTZ For New Single, “Whatever It Takes”

zack gray whatever it takes

Fresh off his latest solo offering, ‘What It Used To Be’ (EP) on Insomiac’s Lost In Dreams imprint, Zack Gray is showing that he is a true heavyweight in the Future/Melodic Bass genre.

His newest collaboration “Whatever It Takes” with ANDY KAUTZ, might be his strongest yet among an already stunning catalog.

“Whatever It Takes”, written from Kautz’s personal experience, is about suddenly hearing from your first true love via a phone call, long after that individual had moved on to start a new life, and after that relationship had concluded with an untimely resolution. Ripe with profound emotional depth, “Whatever It Takes” tugs at the heartstrings in all the right places.

Gray’s impassioned vocals convey the pain of a lost romance with the help of emotive piano chords, rich ambient textures, melancholy synths, and heart-wrenching drops.

Like every track Zack graces his vocals with, this newest single contains a whole new level of sentimental musicality that will give the listener everything they long for in an EDM anthem.

“Whatever It Takes” is the debut single for up-and-coming producer ANDY KAUTZ. Laced with Kautz’s anthemic melodic drops paired with gritty
dubstep-infused production, it sets the tone for an introspective voyage throughout a plethora of varied melodic soundscapes. On his first release, Kautz has come to terms with a past failed relationship, reclaiming his own intrinsic value and self-respect along the way.

Pairing Gray’s tender, songbird voice with Kautz’s emotional piano, epic drops, and cinematic composition, “Whatever It Takes” leaves the listener caught in the emotions of a failed relationship that reared its ugly head years after the breakup. This recurring theme is apparent throughout the entirety of this single, as well as the abundant amount of hits that Gray has birthed across dance music and beyond.

“Whatever It Takes” is available everywhere August 19th via Gray’s ‘191 Collective’ label imprint.


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