Electronic Producer Zensei ゼンセーUnveils Lounge-Meets-Downtempo EP, ‘lucid,’

zensei ゼンセーlucid

Rising Canadian producer zensei ゼンセー returns to Monstercat Silk today with a new chill EP, ‘lucid.’

An evolution of zensei ゼンセー’s sound, ‘lucid’ reaches back to his distinctive synth roots. The EP stays true to his lo-fi vibe while incorporating warm melodies and mesmerizing soundscapes that will induce a dopamine-filled nostalgia.

The EP mirrors the vivid experiences of zensei ゼンセー’s lucid dreams, serving as a recreation of the mind-altering feelings he experiences drifting into a dreamstate. “haunted” serves listeners a glimpse into one of his lucid dreams, where he is stuck inside a phantasmal mansion joining ghosts upon the dance floor. “something about us,” with Delaney Kai’s weightless vocals leading the track, holds a special place in zensei ゼンセー’s heart. The original “Something About Us” by Daft Punk was played at work after he had broken up with his ex-girlfriend at the time, who 15 years later has become his fiancée.

zensei ゼンセー shares, “‘lucid’ is a deeply personal journey through the boundless landscapes of my constant lucid dreams, where reality and imagination intertwine in a tapestry of sound and emotion. Usually it’s pretty adventurous with some sad undertones. I fly a lot in my lucid dreams and see my friends and family that are no longer with us. I usually have this dream where there is an endless hill made of Irimoya Japanese style roofs, and it seems endless. Right as I’m about to reach the peak (to see what skyline my imagination would invent), I wake up. ”

zensei ゼンセー has been making waves in the music industry with his captivating blend of R&B samples and lo-fi bass stylings. He first released music as zensei ゼンセー in 2022 with the release of his debut Monstercat EP, “wonder years pt.1,” in collaboration with Mr. Hilroy, following up with “wonder years pt.2” a few months later. Fast forward to 2023, he unveiled “oasis,” which was featured on Rocket League as the game’s theme song in season 10. zensei ゼンセー’s releases have garnered editorial support in Apple Music: Chilltronics and Amazon Music: Neon Chill while receiving media support from CBC Afterdark, Exclaim!, and V13 Media among others. Leaving a mark in the trance and progressive house movement in the 2010s as one half of the duo Eminence, there is no doubt that zensei ゼンセー is no stranger to the game.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Ford, Anderson.Paak, NewJeans, and Jeremy Ellis, zensei ゼンセー’s sound evokes powerful emotions that take listeners to different realms. His eye for innovation and willingness to push boundaries is a testament to his artistic creativity. Fans can look forward to catching him live soon.

‘lucid’ EP Tracklist

1. lucid
2. haunted
3. something about us (with Delaney Kai)


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