Zomboy Drops New Bass House Single “Desperado”

zomboy desperado

Less than a month after his recently released single, Zomboy returns on June 10th with his second release on his very own Rott N’ Roll Records.

“Desperado” features a new sound and style while showcasing the growth this new career phase brings as an independent artist and label head.

“Desperado was such a fun track for me to make. It was my way of not going too heavy with themes or the complexities I would typically put into my works. It’s also the first time in a long time that I have ventured down to house tempo so it’s been a nice change of pace for me!” – Zomboy

“Desperado” is a deep dive into the vast possibilities of the complex and technical dubstep and house genres. With a male vocal hypnotically repeating the phrase, “men, always a dead man,” Zomboy instantly draws listeners in. Razor sharp turns and fanatical drops take the listener on a sonic experience of dynamic proportions.

Experimenting as he usually does, Zomboy approaches the track with a bold yet subtle touch as he embraces the groovier side of the house, a style he isn’t necessarily known for. A clear step away from the stylings shown in his previous single “Flatlined” feat. Micah Martin, “Desperado” is a testament to Zomboy’s willingness to embrace change and challenge himself while not sacrificing the pristine quality of his output.

Making his debut as Zomboy in 2011, with the track “Organ Donor,” the UK producer’s 10-year career now faces a new frontier. Moving on from Never Say Die Records, to starting his own label Rott N’ Roll Records, Zomboy stands in an exciting phase for both himself and his fans.

Slowly building the momentum of the label with “Desperado” and “Flatlined,” Zomboy’s 2022 has grasped the public’s attention with an iron grip. Starting from a small town in Penzance, the UK to now sharing his music with the global scene, Zomboy’s music and his upcoming movements with Rott N’ Roll Records will continue to raise the expectations of his fans.


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