Zonderling Unveils New Single, ‘Zonder’ EP

zonderling zonder

In a world where genres and rule books aren’t part of the plan, you’ll find the Dutch duo Zonderling, consisting of producer Martijnvan Sonderen and DJ Jaap de Vries. Today, they present their brand new EP ‘Zonder’ on STMPD RCRDS.

Their sound can be best described as unusual, but gratifyingly captivating. Zonderling have created their own version of today’s electronic dance music. Freaky sounds by a headstrong duo working on musical impulses, leading to a streak of powerful releases with a character of their own.

‘Zonder’ is the first single of the their upcoming EP and has been the closing tune of each Zonderling set for the past two years. With fans clamoring for the release ever since the first spin, it’s now finally seeing the light of day.


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