12-Year Old Gets DJ Equipment Confiscated After Throwing a Rave in School Bathroom

cael bell school rave

Cael Bell, a 12-year-old student from St Antony’s Catholic College in Urmston, Manchester was recently caught throwing a 30-minute rave with his DJ decks in his school bathroom.

The underground rave in the boy’s bathroom got busted by teachers about 30-minutes into his set and after breaking things up they also confiscated Bell’s equipment. While he was in deep trouble at school after the incident, on the home front his mother seemed to see the humour in it and was proud her son ‘found his calling.’

His mother went on to say, “Cael said he had a great time – so did everyone else until the teacher came in screaming, ‘Turn that off now. I asked him lots of questions, told him he wasn’t in trouble at home with us.” She went on to say, “He’s certainly made a lot of people laugh smile, which makes us proud parents that our son can do this.”

Lad Bible Shared a clip of the aspiring DJ practising his set with full light and sound set up at home before his big event. Check it out here.

He also seemingly used Snapchat to promote the date, time, and venue for his party the week prior. The article also reported that on the guest list were ‘whole of year 8 boys,’ considering it was hosted in the Boys bathroom and at its peak, Cael said his mates handed around Cadbury Twirls and bottles of Lucozade.

Just had a call from Caels school
He had organised a rave in the boys toilets at dinner time invited all the boys from…

Posted by Louise Bell on Friday, December 11, 2020

Bell now as of last week has almost 10k followers on a newly opened Instagram page where he calls himself an ‘Aspiring DJ and an Underground events promoter looking to get M41 on the music scene Map.’

He has also recently drawn the attention of British Dj and Radio host Charlier Sloth who offered to buy him new DJ equipment after the school confiscated his. He later also updated the post to say he spoke to his mom and is going to be sending ‘some bits’ Cael’s way.

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