165 Test Positive For Covid-19 After Attending A Single Event At A Dutch Nightclub

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While there is a slowly growing number of parts in the world that are beginning to resume some resemblance to normalcy, it’s incidents like this that keep us in check and make us think if we are moving too fast and too soon.

With clubs being allowed to reopen in many parts of Europe such as The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, as well as across most of the United States, stories like this are unfortunately going to come around more than we would like.

A nightclub in The Netherlands recently was put at the center of a cluster spread of Covid-19 with 165 people who attended the event testing positive for Covid-19 soon after. Out of the 600 attendees, that were at The Aspen Valley club in Enschede on the re-opening night on June 26, is when this seems to have occurred.

Like many event spaces that have recently been allowed to reopen, attendees were allowed to enter sans facemasks and there were no social distancing measures enforced. However, they were required to provide a negative test report prior to entering, which clearly doesn’t seem to have been enough.

A 20-year old attendee from the event, Tim Boxem told local newspaper Tubantia that nine out of 18 of his friends had tested positive – noting that when he developed symptoms and went to a testing center: “Everyone in front of and behind me in the queue for tests had been to Aspen Valley.”

Representatives from Aspen Valley told local media outlets “the venue has done everything in our power to get visitors in safely” but local authorities believe that the number of people who may still test positive from Aspen Valley could still rise.

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