3 things you need to know about the global partnership between Spotify and T-Series!

Spotify and T-Series

The most loved streaming application has entered into a global content deal with T-Series for Indian songs which answers to all the speculation of whether Spotify will be serving Indian music when they launch in India.

According to sources, Spotify was going to start their service in India as soon as the first quarter of 2019. Well with the news of this global deal, the Indian launch of Spotify is definitely close.

Here are the three things that are going to happen –

  1. As part of this deal, Spotify will get access to T-Series’ Song catalog and regional movie soundtracks from India.
  2. The Spotify audience will also get access to non-film albums and emerging artist content which will be available for consumption worldwide.
  3. Spotify is still expected to launch in the first half of 2019.

Once the deal moved forward on Monday, Paul Smith, who is the Director and Head of International Licensing at Spotify, said – ‘One of the ways Spotify has helped revolutionize music discovery is through its ability to connect millions of fans with the best music and artists from all over the world in a way that just wasn’t possible before streaming, Today’s deal with T-Series significantly strengthens our Indian music catalog, bringing Bollywood to more than 200 million Spotify users worldwide. Having T-Series on Spotify is hugely significant and shows our commitment towards providing the very best music for our users.’

To this Neeraj Kalyan, President and Digital Head of T-Series adds to this by saying – ‘I am sure Spotify’s expertise earned in mature markets will be helpful for the Indian streaming industry and will pave the way for a paid ecosystem in the streaming business in India,’

Now that Spotify has a global deal with T-Series, music listeners all over the world will have access to the 160,000 songs from T-Series’ catalog of which there are some great hits that have been created over the years. Perhaps the most interesting fact is the T-Series’ videos on their YouTube channel have been viewed more than 58 billion times and has more than 80 million subscribers since it launched in 2006.

We are so excited to see how the consumption of Bollywood music leads to an increase in Spotify subscribers worldwide. 2019 has definitely begun with a bang, where Spotify brings Bollywood music to 20Mn Spotify subscribers worldwide. It is going to be very exciting to see how this helps the Indian streaming economy as well as all the up and coming artists in India.

How excited are you to hear Bollywood music on Spotify?

Paridhi Bhatiya


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