5 reasons to attend #ASOTFESTASIA


In just 5 days, many of us will be witnessing the biggest trance festival in Asia! The Emperor of the trance scene, Armin van Buuren, along with other exciting and talented DJs like Cosmic Gate, Simon Patterson, Orjan Nilsen + Super8 & Tab, will take us on a new and exciting journey into sound.


If that’s not reason enough, we have compiled the top 5 reasons on WHY you MUST attend #ASOTFestAsia!

1. The God of Trance


Image Courtesy: A State Of Trance

Witnessing an enigma like Armin Van Buuren is something many people all over the globe die to do! If you’re getting to see an iconic man with some fantastic music, you HAVE to grab on to that opportunity and let it blow you away! He is THE man of trance, the one who started it all and the one who will make your night legend-wait for it- DARY!! Legendary!!!

2. The ONLY #ASOTFest in Asia


Image Courtesy: Sunburn Festival

It’s a no-brainer why Mumbai within India was handpicked to be a destination for the showcase of ASOT Festival Asia – ASOT 600 and Armin Only – Intense took place in Mumbai previously and both the events were packed to full house capacity! What’s more is that Mumbai will also be the only destination in the whole of Asia to host the upcoming ASOT Festival. This definitely will promise a night of unforgettable euphoria for all Indian fans plus fellow trance fans who shall be joining us from the rest of the continent.

3. The Music


Ever hear of the term ‘eargasm’? Well, this concert promises you that and so much more. Though we know the star of the show is the God of Trance himself, let us not forget about the other DJs in the lineup! DJs like Cosmic Gate, Simon Patterson, Orjan Nilsen + Super8 & Tab will surely leave you wanting for more and more. Many of you may know them, many of you may not. So, this concert will be a great chance to experience their music live and discover sounds that you knew you liked & would end up loving even more!

We have also compiled a cool #ASOTFESTASIA playlist based on the favourite tracks chosen by fans by the artists that are set to perform at the event. Click here!

4. The “Live” Experience


Image Courtesy: A State Of Trance

Live is not the traditional way of experiencing music. Let’s be honest, you listen to music intimately, through your headphones, on your iPods, phones, laptops, etc. “A State Of Trance” concerts are renowned for having that raw energy which will simply blow you away! Being in the presence of all that cannot compare to ANYTHING in this whole wide world. Messy, loud, sweaty and rough are just a few words to describe our run-ins with “ASOT” concerts. And that’s what makes it AWESOME!

5. Bragging Rights


Image Courtesy: Sunburn Festival

There will be tons of people who will attend this concert, and many who will not. Be the one who has the bragging rights to the former as this is a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity (at least for now!!) We all get lost once in a while, sometimes by choice, sometimes due to forces beyond our control. This is exactly what this concert will help you create. Some great memories by choices, & some kickass memories by a force called A State of Trance.

So you choose:
You can spend another Saturday night at home watching TV & spending time on Twitter or Facebook, wondering whether you should have attended this concert or not OR you can either go to this concert & enjoy all the things listed above!!!

So do let us know your decision by tagging us on Twitter/Instagram (@TheMusicEss) or Facebook with the hashtag #ASOTFestAsia.

If we did manage to convince you, you can book your tickets right here! Cheers! :)

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