A Potential Collaboration Between Daft Punk & Coldplay Might Be In The Works

daft punk coldplay

Posts all over social media are popping up, amid rumors about a potential collaboration between the pop group Coldplay and the Daft Punk duo.

A Facebook page named “Coldplay Italia” shared a photo with an apt description where in the picture seems to list all the tracks that are going to be released as a “Coldplay Album”

The track that is aptly named “Mission A.B.O.R.T” is supposed to be the collaboration between Coldplay and Daft punk.

The account on twitter named “ColdplayXtra” provided more evidence to the above mentioned album.

The iconic DJ duo’s last releases date back to 2016’s “Starboy” and “I feel it coming” which were collaborations with The Weeknd.

Even with a lot of speculations popping up, there is no announcement from either of the parties, but one can hope that it happens.

Stay tuned to the page for more updates on release date and declared title.

Mmkrishna Cherla


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