Above & Beyond To Release Their First Cinematic Film Score For ‘The Last Glaciers ‘

above & beyond the last glaciers

Above & Beyond is once again breaking new ground with the release of their first cinematic film score for ‘The Last Glaciers’.

The IMAX version of the ground-breaking documentary, IMAX presents The Last Glaciers is set for release in select theaters on March 22nd.

Directed and produced by award-winning filmmaker Craig Leeson (A Plastic Ocean) and United Nations Mountain Hero & Entrepreneur Malcolm Wood, The Last Glaciers is a breathtaking documentary film that takes viewers on a four-year, cross-continental journey to explore the cause and effects of climate change in Antarctica, the Himalaya, Alps, Andes and more.

The 40-minute IMAX release of the film, IMAX presents ‘The Last Glaciers’, will premiere exclusively in select IMAX theaters worldwide on March 22nd (World Water Day). The film strives to convey optimism about combating climate change while continuing the conversation and motivating individuals to make a difference. A compelling story of caution and hope, the documentary captures the fragility of the natural world, and the impact humans have on the planet’s life support systems.

Above & Beyond have often been celebrated for their quieter is louder mentality, be it thought-provoking album interludes ‘Sun In Your Eyes’ and ‘Filmic’, or their neoclassical mindfulness and meditation album Flow State which has now been streamed over 225 million times.

Inspired by the likes of James Horner, Alan Silvestri, Jerry Goldsmith, and John Williams, ‘The Last Glaciers’ soundtrack is a sweeping string-lead production, reflecting the vast landscapes featured in the film.

“It was an honor to be invited by Craig to compose the score for ‘The Last Glaciers’”, explains Jono Grant from Above & Beyond.

“For the musical direction, we felt it important for the score to reflect the beauty of our changing planet that Craig had elegantly captured. Stylistically we wanted to combine our largely electronic musical background with live orchestra to create a hybrid score. It was important to us that the score both reflect the challenges facing the world today, and those faced by Craig as an individual and filmmaker over the course of filming. As well as conveying a sense of urgency, we wanted the score to portray an optimistic tone, and to encourage a positive call to action from the viewer,” says Grant.

The score was written in collaboration with esteemed producer, composer, and performer Darren Tate, a longtime friend of the band whose credits include film scores for ‘Frontera’ and ‘How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song’.

“I am very excited to be part of this project as the message could not be of more importance (nor more urgent),” says Tate. “Our planet is in peril and across the globe, action needs to be taken.”

“When it came to the score we wanted to convey the challenges Craig faced, not only in getting this movie made and getting the message across but the physical challenges he had to endure; while appreciating the magnificence of the glaciers in all their beauty and the awe-inspiring cinematography. We wanted broad, triumphant themes (reminiscent of Horner, Silvestri, Goldsmith, and Williams) that represented his determination to do this; underlined with percussion and electronica which re-enforces the seriousness of the task ahead. We also wanted to paint a picture of hope; such as the theme that plays when the children protest at the very end; reminding us there is still time if we take decisive action now.”

The original motion picture soundtrack will be released alongside the IMAX presentation on March 22.


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